Cats 2

Cayuga Court Cats:

Tiger: Brown Tabby personality equivelent to a 82 year old. Mostly sits around and complains
Clancy AKA "Dirt Cat" : Orange Tabby, bad hygeine, sprays everything
Ebony: Tiger's "little" sister. Delta Burke of the Court
Prancer: New Cat on the court, still trying to prove himself.
Tiger and Prancer on their spring-time massacre. Bad Cats!

We couldn't figure out how Clancy the Dirt Cat and Tiger were able to catch the baby squirrels. Just then a baby squirrel fell out of the top of the palm tree right in front of the cats. (The squirrel was saved by my husband, he was guided back up the tree.)

Dirt Cat and Baby Squirrel

Oh no, I can hear Ebony coming.

Prancer after a long snuggling session

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Stephen said...

Beautiful Work! very curvy and colorful.

Fancy World said...

Hey very funny cats! Love it!

David said...

Cute story and illo!

Chloe said...

love this
so true

Carol said...

lol those are some great cats!