Tattoo Ant

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katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

Awesome! The scales look really cool, great colors too.

CATRAVEN said...

Great Ant!!!!!!I love him he reminds me of the way the Japanese Mafia "Yakuza" members are tattooed!

Lou said...

very intimidating looking. I agree with catraven, very Japanese Mafia.

great job.

Giles said...

I love this ant...very good. Especially like the pattern of his scales/skin.

Thanks ever so much for visiting my blog and for the kind comment.

Hayden said...

wonderful stuff. just stumbled across your blog; will definately be back.

letile said...

I love the pattern/tattoo!
cool work

carla said...

Cool! I love how you are singlehandedly reinventing the ant!

Rachelle said...

Great bug - he looks a little like a dragon.

disappointed said...

I wish all ants looked so ....hang on - no I don't! that would be scary!

marc said...

The ant has to sing all the summer with his friend the cicada...!
Pretty ant and beautiful color!

thesecondnun said...

i get the feeling you like ants!!! nice job the scales pop out really well and i love the way the tail looks like a window into another picture but it still is part of the picture!! awesome work

Marion said...

That's a cutie;-)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I got a kick out of seeing how many ants you have featured here on your page. very different.

The Tart said...

OK, were ya trying for an OSCAR? Cuz I'm givin it to your ant.

This is most creative. How in the heck did ya do it?????

The Tart

Bron Smith said...

I really like you whimsical style, Kim. I'll look for your work in future IFs. Thanks so much for the kind comment...Mrs. T would appreciate it too.

Suzan said...

Very cool! Gret illo.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Haha! Very imaginative work. :)

Delphine said...

The ant which wanted to become a dragon... that could make a beautiful history ! Great illo ! :)

Hayden said...

I've come back to this several times. Love these images, is the story written yet? or is there one? I'm words more than visuals, so maybe I'm assuming....

garth bruner said...

cool ant! Fun one!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I've updated my "tattoo" illustration if you're interested.
Here's the link:

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