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scarecrow said...

Matching antenna.



Teri C said...

There are matches in several categories here. Love them all. You sure get the mileage out of your cute ants!

michael dailey said...

love kewl ant4 with the lil bows in her antenas this is really a great concept and very apt for the times we live in. as always ur ants are right at the forefront leading the way.

zann said...

hehe, I know some of those ants!
Love your use of color in them.

the heartful blogger said...


ValGalArt said...

yer a genius!!! I laughed out loud!

Geninne said...

Hahahahahaha...what a kewl idea! Love it to pieces!!!

murphy girl said...

incredible! amazing art and text...the perfect match!

Rico said...

Very clever and cute idea...

baggelboy said...

I am starting to belive that ants are the dominate species.
So I tryed to find some gratefull dead ant lyrics from this placegreatfull dead. But I couldn't.
I could only find some Adam and the Ants lyrics.

Sung to the tune of "Y.M.C.A." by the Village People

Antfan, there's no need to feel down
I said Antfan, cos' we ain't been around
I said Antfan, there's no others in town
Who can do the things that we do

Antfan, there's a place you can go
I said Antfan, called the Antmusic Show
I said go there, to Adam and the Ants
They can make you start new romance

It's fun to go to the A.N.T.S.
It's fun to go to the A.N.T.S.
Put on a kilt, dye your hair green
And dance the Zerox-Machine
A.N.T.S. it's fun to go to the A.N.T.S.
Put on your paint
And hold up your head
Till all the though (??) men drop dead

Antfan, I was once in your shoes
So tired and fed up with the blues
So I went and got me a sound
And we called that sound Antmusic

No band does it just like we do
I said no band gets to satisfy you
Go there to the Adam and the Ants
They can make you start new romance

Antfan what do you want to be
Nowhere or an Ant just like me

You can go there to Adam and the Ants
They can make you start new romance.

Jana Bouc said...

Your IF contributions are always my favorite and I look for them first. I love your ants and your wonderful creative mind!

Amy Zaleski said...

Awesome!!!! Funny and clever!! Love the 420 ant with the munchies!

Joy Eliz said...

Ha ha ha!!! Only you'd come up with something this clever!

Michelle Lana said...

Hehehe..... I Like it!!!

Sweet Pea said...

He he! Very fun, those ants have a lot of personality :)

stacey m said...

oh very good!!! love the concept and as always fantastic illo! lovely!

Gabrielle said...

I'm sure they say never judge an ant by his/her antennae, but I have to believe there is something to it...

This is so cute, the stories and personalities are wonderful!

MjM said...

Man, you went all-out this time!


(The match closest to me is a combination of FancypAnts and sensAntive)



Michelle Lana said...

HI there. Thank you for your kind words on m blog.
Your works is always soo awesome :) Take care.

Courtney said...

hahaha, very cute.

mimu said...

I love fancyPants ant. Very cute Idea!

Christophe said...

hahaha ! that's a very good idea, and nicely executed. Brilliant ! :-)

Ellen said...

You go P.P.C.! You rock with the awesome insect illos!

Babe in the Woods said...

Well let me see, I think I am a cross between Kewl4 and FancyPants. It just depends on my mood.

I think your blog is adorable. I really hate ants (used to live in Texas with fire ants) but you have given yours personality, how could anyone hate them.


Roz Foster said...

Heh. Cuties, all of them. Do they do speed dating, too?

Chickengirl said...

oh hahahahha! What fun! Love it!

HARDWAX said...

Your gift for making ants creatures of personality and humour is amazing-they are so cute, each one, and stylish as well. The idea '' LOL funny!

Dee C.K. said...

hahhaa..sucha cute idea!! your work is very fun!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)Cheers!

marc said...

Hi Princess,
You are very funny and I love much your ants!So cute!
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Excellent week end.

Bron Smith said...

What a colorful, wacky and clever lineup of ants. You must have fun dreaming up more ANTics for your characters.

Yes, I wouldn't want to be in charge of the cencus in Huckleberry Hollow either. That would be a real bother.

tiffinix said...

Oh you so ROCK! This is hilarious. . .that hippie ant if the bomb. Great colors and shading as well. And the font is perfect. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

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