I finally tried out the moleskin booklet that was gifted to me from the talented and awesome Studio Lolo. It is an unintimidating format for free flowing drawings. I drew this today while talking to my lil' brother.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent first page!

ValGalArt said...

pure joy! wonderful!!!

Cathie said...

very nice and bright! had to write again because i posted about my new moleskin too. funny

imwithsully said...

That Lolo! She is a wonderful person, isn't she? This is a great start.

studio lolo said...

Hurray!!! The first page is the hardest. I didn't see this post before :)
Check out the drawing I did of Kim's dog Sully. She posted it on her blog. I did it in my Moleskin one day at the studio.
Hey...the show opened yesterday and 2 pieces are already sold. (Lady in red and Fortune.) Next Friday night is the big bash! I'll miss you :(
I hope classes are going well!