Street Painting- Grants Pass, Oregon

Yeah, so the grid thing, I pretty much ignored it. Oh well.

Gettin' some color

There were hundreds of people at the event and about 50 artists!

Now we are starting to Pop!

Finish! Nope not quite yet. Looks like a couple of ants are missing their antena.

Ohhh, my aching back.

Ta Da!
Thank you for indulging me on a non-illustration Friday post. See the previous post below for this weeks word OPEN.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! The photographs look so bright and fantastic drawing!

ValGalArt said...

Incredible! You look so darling too! I am amazed at how close together they are and I'm happy for you that there was an open space next to you so you could move! Really neato and happy to see the ants always rule!

md said...

wow simply amazing that is soo cool looking and lol ur back i can relate to that too. still must have been fun to do.

steve said...

Wooohooo! This rules! have you thought of doing some large scale canvases at all, in this same vein?