Raise your Voices for all to hear,
Even if your singing
leaves ringing
in your neighbors ear.
Shout it loud and shout it clear,
Sing with all of your heart
right into the New Year!
Happy Holidays Y'all!!!

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aeneadellaluna said...

hihihi Fun Illustration! Let's all sing holiday carolls :)

Happy Holidays*

studio lolo said...

I love the foot-tapping leader of the choir!!

Thanks for the very cool card...one is coming your way!

Merry always, Lolo

md said...

Awhhhh leave it to your ants to spice the place up. Have a Merry Christmas and hope your ant all do too

Bron Smith said...

I love your Christmas card, Kim. I always enjoy your ant's antics. It looks like the cartoon map of Grants Pass will never happen. My associate there has been dragging his feet since he first contacted me last April.

carla said...

I wonder what they sound like! They look full of joy and good energy:) have a very happy holiday!

indigene said...

Delightfully cute and colorful!

ria nirwana said...

Of course I'll be singing! Nice job!hehe...Happy holidays too!

Sara said...

Cute :)

Bobo said...

Oh! I like their happy faces!
Happy happy happy New Year to you and your family, Peter, Prancer, Dahlia, and your ants! :D
PS: Prancer's comment on my blog really make me laugh, ^.^

Twisselman said...

Wonderful holiday greetings from you! Happy 2009 to you and yours.