I wrote this for my Great-Niece, Ravenna, who will be 3 years old in a couple of weeks. She is flying in from Alaska to celebrate her birthday. I am also making a Lion doll with a pocket for a chicken doll. I will be sending this story to the printer today.

Chicken and LionChicken likes to sing.

Do you like to sing?

Lion likes to dance.

Do you like to dance?

Sometimes Chicken sings for Lion.

Sometimes Lion dances for Chicken.

Can you sing for Chicken and Lion?
Can you dance for Lion and Chicken?

Sometimes Chicken and Lion will put on a show for their friends.

Can you name their friends?

Are you and Chicken and Lion's friend?

The End.

Sketch and story evolution.

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Teri C said...

OMG, this is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indigene said...

I agree with Teri C! This is amazing and so much fun! That's one lucky granddaughter!

Anonymous said...

oh i love it! i bet your niece will too! and dolls to go with it? what a super AUNT you are! (see, you can't get away from ants if you try)


ValGalArt said...

WOW! I would be thrilled to receive this and I am grown-up sort of... I love it!!!

studio lolo said...

awww...such a sweet Auntie!!

You rock :)

Bobo said...

Wow wow wow! What a fun and interesting story, lovely characters, very beautifully done!
Happy birthday to Ravenna, she is so lucky to have a sweet aunt like you!

Ces said...

Princess I love this story. I was excited to see the next frame. Your background music also urged me to read on!

Kstyles said...

This is perfect for a 3 year old. Very cute!

merlinprincesse said...

AH! PPC! I love it!!!! :)

Dot said...

so fun! i love the story and the illos. that is so sweet of you-- thanks for sharing it with us!

Gai said...

this is brilliant, fun and lively what a lovely Aunty to put this all together to celebrate. great work

Brine Blank said...

That is really awesome...one of the greatest gifts we have as artists is the ability to create things for others...and to entertain ourselves in long boring meetings. Hope you show pics of the stuffed critters when they are done!

Anonymous said...

nice work. makes me wanna celebrate. cant imagine her not wanting to either. michael dailey

Isiik said...

That is so cute. I bet she loved it!