Hey! What a great opportunity for a new contest! Who ever figures out this subtraction problem first will win a really cool prize!

There are four separate ant colonies in my backyard. The average population of all four colonies is 210,000 ants. If the population in the North Corner is 155,000, the East Corner is 180,000 and the West Corner is 365,000, what is the population in the South Corner?

Good Luck!!!!!

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Surabhi said...

yeaaaa, where s my prize :)
Cute Illustration

owlight said...

haha, i think my brain just exploded, i'll leave the sums to that confused little ant :)

Laura Marsh said...

Oh man. That took a long time to figure out. I had to take a quick algebra tutorial to refresh my decrepit memory.

Amy C said...

I am rubbish at math, but this is another cute illo

trish weill said...

what a lovely creature!!

MjM said...


Yes. I said it first.

Roberta said...

Oh my... I'm afraid I wouldn't make a very high grade on that math test!!

Very cute ant though!