Using the yellow pages she found the perfect babysitters for her ant grubs, Armadillo Day Care, We take care of the entire brood.
The impossibility of the situation completely eluded her.
In Texas many hope that armadillos will help slow the invasive fire-ant infestation.

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Ces said...

Hello Princess,

Have you heard of a new species of ants that have no males? They clone the queen.

Roberta said...

I wish those armadillos would do a better job in my yard!!

Fun post!

studio lolo said...

I think there's a website she can go to that shows all the grub-o-philes in the neighborhood!

Run babies run!!!!

Nice to see you. Yup, we have some catching up to do!

trudette, said...

Stunning picture ! Great take on the subject , thanks for sharing this fun drawing.

merlinprincesse said...

NONONONONO!!!! OMG!!!! Tell her NOT to let the armadillo alone with the kids!!!!! ;o)

Ria said... always come up with something different...and a fresh twist on the subject....Good job! (Btw, have you nap today? *wink*)

Dorit said...

I have to say, I'm with the armadillo this time :)