Friday, April 09, 2010


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Katherine L. White said...

Very creative creatures and illustration. I love the almost seemingly inevitable butterfly at the top.

Diana Evans said...

this is so sweet!!! I love it!!! I have missed your ants!!!

steve said...

Heeey! Good to see you back posting again!Red ants actually do this in the Amazon when there's major flooding, which is often. The link up and form a big floating ant chain.Brilliant drawing!

P√°sztohy Lili said...

only they can do it this way

Brine Blank said...

Very suessian! Nice framework...definitely a click to make larger item for viewing...

delaney said...

who's the music on your website, its awesome
i love your paintings]
i want to borrow one for my place

Robert A Vollrath said...

fun blog

babbler said...

Dear Auntie Ant, Greetings from the Central Oregon Coast! I see we have some common ground, as I am a slug, and you are an ant. Slugs meet up with ants and coexist quite well with them. We avoid the same booted feet and try to make the most of all available food. This is my favorite blog I have found today while "Blog sliding!" I hope you will come over to Slug's Rest for a visit and a cuppa tea!" You absolutely rock. I shall follow immediately. Love, Mrs. Slug

funny images said...

nice creation looking so sweet.i like it

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